Engage in the Consciousness of Plants

The locavore or local food movement has gained much attention over the years. It’s a wonderful statement to purchase locally for a variety of reasons, including supporting the local economy, lessening the environmental impact of transporting goods and the health implications as well.

Let’s take it a step further, just a step out your front door, to be exact! 

See.. I am determined to invite my readers to enjoy spending time outdoors. With that aside, let’s talk about what you find outside your front door or in your immediate outdoor environment.



morning-glory,ivannastanfield (1)
Photography by Ivanna Stanfield

Wellness seeks us, we simply need to be in a place of allowing. The plants we need to heal us are most likely found underfoot. Notice what grows near you. Does it seem that a certain type of plant, native to the area or not, seems to gravitate towards your living area? Then perhaps take some time to learn about these plants. You may be surprised to learn that they offer some type of use, either medicinal or non-medicinal. Please remember that healing is not always in the form of “consume this plant”. Sometimes healing is much more subtle and has more to do with spiritual and emotional well-being. Do not walk outside and chomp down on a plant that’s growing on your porch and expect results. Take the time to learn how to properly harvest and use the plants first. Learn the risks and benefits associated with its use, as well.

What abundance do you have growing and thriving in your outdoor environment? Take notice year round and connect with the consciousness of the plants.

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blog profile pic #2Ivanna Stanfield is a Holistic Wellness Consultant. Her greatest joy is found in guiding others to find true wellness- within themselves and the environment. She is a homeschooling mom of three, happily married, and living in a small town in California. After the birth of her oldest son in 1999, she realized the importance of maintaining a healthy, holistic lifestyle. So then began a quest to live a bit more simple and a whole lot more organic. Follow her journey as she learns and shares inspirations on living an environmentally conscious and organically holistic lifestyle.

~~A Healthy Planet Begins With You!~~


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