Empowering women in India, ending violence and rapes

At Humus 4 Change we believe in Cultural Diversity Preservation and we provide Free Web Marketing Services in order to Safeguarding and empowering women who face discrimination, abuse and violence.
Lalitha Sampathi is the Leader and General Secretary at IWO (Indian Women’s Organization), a NGO that aims to protect women rights in order to end violence and rapes in India. They educate women across India, bringing their awareness campaign to small villages in order to promote a Health and Safety program.
Lalitha has committed to creating a better future for the new generation, contributing to give a positive impact to Indian communities.
We believe that women, mothers and daughters are the foundations for a developed and peaceful society.

We are honoured to contributing to Indian Women’s Organization Mission supporting Women’s Health and Education Program.

IWO teachers operate at evening schools.
They provide education to illiterate women and girls in their local language and in English.

– Our Teachers introduce national and international perspectives, about solutions in order to stop violence against women, comparing societies around the world.

– Our Teachers educate about safety and dowry-motivated abortion.

– Our Teachers educate women about their rights and how to take legal action.

IWO teachers are considered role models who inspire vulnerable women to take care of their wellbeing, respecting and honouring themselves.

Our teachers work full time on our Women’s Health and Education program.
By donating to IWO you will contribute to women’s health and safety in India, making a difference in their daily lives.

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