Nurturing your inner child through Nature (Guided Meditation)

– Reawakening your natural self –


Art by Gloria Gypsy


Our culture is suffering the effects of being incredibly lopsided. Living so much from our analytical mind we have lost touch with our natural self and with the earth. Most of us have forgotten how that connection feels. Studies show that having a sense of connection with others and with our environment promotes a sense of well-being that profoundly affects our physical and mental health. John Muir the pioneering environmentalist and mystic once said that wild nature is the best conductor of divinity. Reawakening ourselves to the depths of nature’s beauty and vitality is one of the quickest and easiest ways we can reconnect with the source of life.


Join us in this free guided meditation that will help you nurture your true self through Nature.

You Are a Tree

The spiritual force that underlies all things can be directly perceived and experienced by using our senses to reconnect with the natural world. To reconnect with this living presence, we need to re-immerse ourselves in the sensations of the natural world and be willing to allow nature to touch us in the same way we allowed it to touch us when we were very young. As we begin to sensitise our senses to the subtleties of the world around us we begin to perceive that there is a life force, a specific energy and intelligence that flows through all of nature and ourselves.


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Art by Gloria Gypsy


The more you focus your awareness on perceiving and consciously noticing the details of your surroundings, the more your consciousness moves out of your mind. You begin to re-activate your sixth, feeling sense. When we shift our attention to sensing rather than thinking, our heart rate begins to slow down causing the body and mind to move into an alert yet relaxed state. In this state, our perception expands and our hearts open. We experience an expanded reality as we reconnect with the ecstatic energy field of life.

20161108_134548SQ--3Gloria offers connection to mother nature through the mediums of creativity, meditation and storytelling guiding others in becoming rooted, strengthened and centered in the dynamic geography of their soul.

She sees caring for and respect for our Mother Earth, who provides life and nourishment, as sacred, offering an invitation to journey through a process of self-discovery transforming both our view of the world and our own unique capacity to thrive within it.

For more information go to her website She can be reached at


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