Stevia, Sugar Leaf

No, this isn’t Ozzy’s Sweet Leaf! It’s stevia, a plant often used as a sugar substitute. Most of you may think of a white powder when stevia is mentioned. It is sold in many supermarkets as a liquid or white powder.

Stevia is actually green in its natural unprocessed state and tastes just as sweet as the white powder.



We use stevia to sweeten drinks such as lemonade and tea. I use it for cooking also, just remember it is not a cup for cup replacement! I have used stevia in some of my tooth powder recipes, it adds sweetness and also may offer some protective benefits to teeth. My kids love stevia!



They will pick a leaf right off the the plant. Sometimes along with a mint leaf or two and then they have a green chewing “gum”! They also enjoy making teas with the fresh leaves.

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blog profile pic #2Ivanna Stanfield is a Holistic Wellness Consultant. Her greatest joy is found in guiding others to find true wellness- within themselves and the environment. She is a homeschooling mom of three, happily married, and living in a small town in California. After the birth of her oldest son in 1999, she realized the importance of maintaining a healthy, holistic lifestyle. So then began a quest to live a bit more simple and a whole lot more organic. Follow her journey as she learns and shares inspirations on living an environmentally conscious and organically holistic lifestyle.

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