Stevia, Sugar Leaf

No, this isn’t Ozzy’s Sweet Leaf! It’s stevia, a plant often used as a sugar substitute. Most of you may think of a white powder when stevia is mentioned. It is sold in many supermarkets as a liquid or white powder. Stevia is actually green in its natural unprocessed state and tastes just as sweet … Continue reading Stevia, Sugar Leaf


Self-Esteem, a practice for self-love

- The difference between confidence and arrogance - The difference between humility and lack of self-esteem (or self-love)   The goal is to be humble yet confident. The trap is to mask self-esteem issues with arrogance. And I think the trick is to know your weaknesses, admit them to yourselves and to others, shine a … Continue reading Self-Esteem, a practice for self-love

Nurturing your inner child through Nature (Guided Meditation)

- Reawakening your natural self - Art by Gloria Gypsy   Our culture is suffering the effects of being incredibly lopsided. Living so much from our analytical mind we have lost touch with our natural self and with the earth. Most of us have forgotten how that connection feels. Studies show that having a sense … Continue reading Nurturing your inner child through Nature (Guided Meditation)

Engage in the Consciousness of Plants

The locavore or local food movement has gained much attention over the years. It's a wonderful statement to purchase locally for a variety of reasons, including supporting the local economy, lessening the environmental impact of transporting goods and the health implications as well. Let's take it a step further, just a step out your front … Continue reading Engage in the Consciousness of Plants