Humus 4 Change aims to:

  • Expanding individual and collective consciousness. 
  • Creating a sense of Global community.
  • Encouraging to develop creative solutions to Global issues.
  • Inspiring a positive attitude and spreading motivation to be the change that we would like to see.
  • Educating and Studying solutions for Peace amongst cultures.
  • Inspiring Environmental awareness, Sustainable and Ethical Living.

 Humus 4 Change promotes:

  • Universal human rights with specific attention to vulnerable groups and vulnerable people.
  • Safeguarding children, children’s welfare and child’s protection.
  • Safeguarding and empowerment of women who face discrimination, abuse and violence.
  • Safeguarding of ethnic minorities with specific attention to Indigenous communities around the world.
  • Peaceful coexistence among cultures and countries.
  • Free and accessible training and education for disadvantaged children, young people and adults.
  • Sustainability and Environmental awareness.
  • Wildlife conservation and endangered species protection. 

We collaborate with world wide professionals, activists, artists, ethical  companies/business, communities and organizations from all over the world who believe in change and would like to share their storiesknowledgeworks and experience to make a difference.




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