Bugs, for a healthy garden

Insects are a part of our lives year round, but they really make themselves apparent in the summer. Insects play an important part in keeping our ecosystems balanced, but there are times we have to exert some control over them.

I prefer to work with nature and realize many bugs are actually beneficial to keeping a healthy garden. 



So, how to deal with insects that are overstaying their welcome? There are a few methods I use at home to keep the bug population under control without using chemical pesticides. There is enough information online about the dangers to our bodies and the environment associated with pesticide use, I will not get into it here.



First, feed the birds! What does that have to do with bugs? If birds are encouraged to visit your garden they will eat a few insects along the way. Besides, who doesn’t love to bird watch?

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blog profile pic #2Ivanna Stanfield is a Holistic Wellness Consultant. Her greatest joy is found in guiding others to find true wellness- within themselves and the environment. She is a homeschooling mom of three, happily married, and living in a small town in California. After the birth of her oldest son in 1999, she realized the importance of maintaining a healthy, holistic lifestyle. So then began a quest to live a bit more simple and a whole lot more organic. Follow her journey as she learns and shares inspirations on living an environmentally conscious and organically holistic lifestyle.

~~A Healthy Planet Begins With You!~~



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